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Asociaciones internacionales

Federación Europea de Go

eurogofedLa Federación Europea de Go nació hace más de 50 años en el primer Congreso de Go Europeo celebrado en Alemania en 1957. En la actualidad el número de paises pertenecientes a esta organización es de 36.

España actualmente forma parte de esta organización.


Asociación de Go Americana

usgoLa Asociación de Go Americana

The American Go Association is the official national organization of American go players, cooperating with similar national organizations around the world. In our efforts to promote the game and support the development of the American go-playing community.


Nihon Kiin

nihon kiin

Our Mission: We are dedicated to the development of Kido (the way of Go) and the advance of its culture.

Name of Corporation : The Nihon Ki-in (Japan Go Association)

Location (Headquarter) : 7-2 Gobancho Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo Japan, Post code: 102-0076

Date of Foundation : 17th July 1924

Chairman : WADA Norio



The Andalusian GO Association try the divulgation of GO, a game regarded by the Japanese as one of the arts to cultivate and also teaches how to live.


We are based in La Carbonería, Céspedes Street 21A in the heart of the city of Seville. We meet on Saturdays at 19:30.

In internet we can play in the sala andaluza (nationals rooms) of KGS Go Server.

KGS Go Server

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