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XVI Seville GO Tournament. 2013

Notice issued on April 13th 2013 in Canal Sur Television and Andalusia TV, seen by hundreds of thousands.


2013 CampeonatoSevilla

Saturday 13th april 2013, “La Carbonería“ C/ Levíes 18 SEVILLA

Organizes: Asociación de Go de Andalucía, "La Carbonería" Club de Go

Time Table

9:30h.-10:00h. Registration
10:15h. 1st Game
11:15h. 2nd Game
12:30h. 3rd Game
14:00h. Dinner
16:00h. 4th Game
17:15h. 5th Game
18:30h. 6th Game
19:45h. Awards
20:10h. Cocktail



Tournament with handicap –3. Swiss system six rounds.
TIME: 25 minutes/player and 20 seconds of byoyomi.
Ranking categories according to EGF.
The organization may change those categories as it deems appropriate in accordance with the Commission of Categories.
Class C Tournament valid for the ranking EGF.

Qualifying tournament for the Spain final championship of Go



Winner of the championship: 300 € and a trophy (60€ in go equipment)
2nd player classified 170 € and trophy (20€ in go equipment)
3rd player classified 90 € and trophy
4th player classified 50 €
5th player classified 30 €
6th player classified 20 €

Prizes in all segment categories. A maximum of one prize per participant.

receive awards for an only concept.


To participate this year will need an invitation provided by the Organization.
Due to the large number of people from previous editions, limited 64 places in the Championship and to avoid places are free.
All those players wishing to participate (including members of the Association of Andalusia Go) should apply for invitation through email (subject: INVITATION) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the following information: name, category, KGS nick , town, country and a contact telephone number.

Due to the limited number of places in the tournament pre-inscription must be confirmed by the organization. Should anybody apply for the championship either without pre-inscription or with a pre-inscription not confirmed by the organization, his/her participation would be subject to last minute availability of places. The number of participants of the championship is limited to 64.

Younger than 18 free *

AGOA members free

Students or 16 kyu lower 5 €

Rest of participants 15 €

Aego members, 20% discount on the applicable enrollment

Carbonería Go Club members, 40% discount on the applicable enrollment

* Players under 18 must bring along a signed authorization from parent(s) or legal tutor stating their consent for the player to participate and naming the adult who will be in charge of said participant during the tournament.



Different gifts for the participants kindly donated by the following institutions, people and companies: Excelentísima Diputación de Sevilla, Japan Embassy, La Carbonería, El Corte Inglés, Radiotelevisión Andaluza (RTVA), Kiseido Go Server (KGS), Jugamos and the chinese go player 6 dan Li Yue.


Here you can see the full results already recorded in the European database (EGD), if you want see the progression of participants click their name.

; TC[T130413H]
; CL[C]
; EV[XVI Torneo de GO de SEVILLA]
; PC[ES, Sevilla]
; DT[2013-04-13,2013-04-13]
; HA[h3]
; KM[6.5]
; TM[40]
; CM[ (submitted by AGOA)]
1 Orestes Perez 2k ES NamB 6 21 22 62+/w9 7+/w6 12+/w4 22+/w9 8+/w0 2+/w3
2 Sabina Rodriguez 8k ES Sevi 5 20 19 27+/w9 17+/w7 58+/w0 9+/b6 3+/b4 1-/b3
3 Alejandro Guerrero 1k ES Cadi 5 19 16 33+/w9 61+/w7 11+/w5 4+/w5 2-/w4 18+/w2
4 Adrian Dominguez 9k ES Sevi 5 18 14 64+/w9 60+/w6 10+/b0 3-/b5 11+/b0 21+/w7
5 Raul Aguilera 7k ES Sevi 5 17 17 29+/w9 15+/w6 9-/b5 20+/w0 19+/w0 10+/w0
6 Jairo Guerrero 1d ES Cadi 5 16 16 30+/w9 19-/w7 33+/w9 21+/w9 14+/w9 8+/w1
7 Alvaro Romero 11k ES Sevi 5 16 15 36+/w9 1-/b6 31+/w7 23+/w7 58+/b0 9+/b9
8 Rogelio Gomez 4k ES Sevi 4 18 13 31+/w9 14+/w5 20+/w3 18+/w0 1-/b0 6-/b1
9 Jesus Roldan 2d ES NamB 4 17 14 35+/w9 13+/w8 5+/w5 2-/w6 18+/w4 7-/w9
10 Pedro Castillo 8k ES Sevi 4 16 14 39+/w9 16+/w5 4-/w0 15+/w5 13+/w0 5-/b0
11 Carlos Villagra 9k ES NamB 4 15 12 25+/w9 59+/w9 3-/b5 17+/w6 4-/w0 20+/w0
12 Jorge-Antonio Nunez 9k ES Sevi 4 14 10 49+/w9 21+/w7 1-/b4 19-/w0 26+/w9 22+/w2
13 David Marcos 10k ES Sevi 4 14 10 34+/w9 9-/b8 30+/w8 59+/w8 10-/b0 19+/w0
14 Juan-Domingo Martin 12k ES Sevi 4 14 9 57+/w9 8-/b5 28+/w6 24+/w9 6-/b9 23+/w6
15 Daniel Dominguez 16k ES Sevi 4 13 9 55+/w6 5-/b6 39+/w4 10-/b5 31+/w2 25+/w4
16 Antonio Martinez 16k ES Sevi 4 13 9 66+/w7 10-/b5 27+/w4 58-/b4 30+/w2 24+/w7
17 Francisco Munoz 18k ES Sevi 4 13 8 38+/w5 2-/b7 64+/w2 11-/b6 29+/w1 35+/w0
18 Tomas Iglesias 6k ES Sevi 3 15 9 28+/w9 22+/w5 19+/w1 8-/b0 9-/b4 3-/b2
19 Daniel Ugarte 10k ES Sevi 3 14 10 51+/w9 6+/b7 18-/b1 12+/b0 5-/b0 13-/b0
20 David Ciudad 10k ES Sevi 3 13 6 63+/w9 26+/w9 8-/b3 5-/b0 33+/w8 11-/b0
21 Susana Ballesta 19k ES Sevi 3 12 9 24+/w4 12-/b7 25+/w1 6-/b9 27+/w1 4-/b7
22 Elena Garrido 14k ES Sevi 3 12 7 65+/w8 18-/b5 29+/w5 1-/b9 28+/w4 12-/b2
23 Daniel Amat 20k ES Sevi 3 12 4 50+/w2 58-/b9 63+/w0 7-/b7 34+/w0 14-/b6
24 Maria Gonzalez 20k ES Sevi 3 11 6 21-/b4 49+/b0 26+/b0 14-/b9 43+/w0 16-/b7
25 Jose-Luis Jimenez 20k ES Sevi 3 10 6 11-/b9 43+/w0 21-/b1 38+/w0 59+/b0 15-/b4
26 Ian Morel 20k ES Sevi 3 10 6 40+/b3 20-/b9 24-/w0 39+/b0 12-/b9 36+/b0
27 Esther Espana 20k ES Sevi 3 9 6 2-/b9 38+/w0 16-/b4 43+/w0 21-/b1 42+/b0
28 Daniel Suazo 20k ES Sevi 3 9 5 18-/b9 65+/w1 14-/b6 35+/b0 22-/b4 38+/w2
29 Andrea Preda 20k ES Sevi 3 9 5 5-/b9 55+/w0 22-/b5 36+/w0 17-/b1 41+/w0
30 Francisco Marin 20k ES Sevi 3 9 4 6-/b9 51+/w0 13-/b8 49+/w0 16-/b2 34+/w0
31 Carlos Rubiales 20k ES Sevi 3 9 3 8-/b9 57+/w1 7-/b7 48+/w1 15-/b2 40+/b0
32 Daniel Zamarreno 10k ES Sevi 3 6 6 0- 0- 0- 47+/w9 37+/w9 33+/w8
33 Pablo Nuevo 20k ES Sevi 2 8 3 3-/b9 48+/w1 6-/b9 37+/w0 20-/b8 32-/b8
34 Alida Popescu 20k ES Sevi 2 8 3 13-/b9 35+/b0 59-/b0 54+/w0 23-/b0 30-/b0
35 Alejandro Escobar 20k ES Sevi 2 6 3 9-/b9 34-/w0 55+/w1 28-/w0 44+/w0 17-/b0
36 Salobrar Arias 20k ES Sevi 2 6 3 7-/b9 62-/b1 50+/w0 29-/b0 45+/b0 26-/w0
37 Irene Fernandez 20k ES Sevi 2 6 2 58-/b9 50+/w0 60-/b2 33-/b0 32-/b9 52+/b0
38 Laura Cruzado 20k ES Sevi 2 6 2 17-/b5 27-/b0 51+/b0 25-/b0 50+/b0 28-/b2
39 Jose-Luis Caceres 20k ES Sevi 2 6 1 10-/b9 66+/w0 15-/b4 26-/w0 40-/b0 50+/w0
40 Rocio Lopez 20k ES Sevi 2 5 2 26-/w3 63-/w0 65-/w2 56+/w1 39+/w0 31-/w0
41 Alexandra Duminica 20k ES Sevi 2 5 2 0- 0- 0- 53+/w0 48+/w0 29-/b0
42 Patricia Bus 20k EE Sevi 2 5 1 0- 0- 0- 57+/w0 49+/w0 27-/w0
43 Guillermo Sanchez 20k ES Sevi 2 5 1 59-/b2 25-/b0 57+/b0 27-/b0 24-/b0 51+/b0
44 Victoria Astasio 20k ES Sevi 2 4 2 0- 0- 0- 51+/w0 35-/b0 53+/w0
45 Manuel Dominguez 20k ES Sevi 2 4 1 0- 0- 0- 55+/w0 36-/w0 56+/w0
46 Jesus Verastegui 20k ES Sevi 2 3 2 0- 0- 0- 0- 55+/w0 48+/w0
47 Cristobal Varo 20k ES Sevi 2 3 1 0- 0- 0- 32-/b9 57+/w0 49+/b0
48 Natalia Abreu 20k ES Sevi 1 4 1 61-/b9 33-/b1 53+/w0 31-/b1 41-/b0 46-/b0
49 Marcelo Farace 20k ES Sevi 1 4 0 12-/b9 24-/w0 66+/w0 30-/b0 42-/b0 47-/w0
50 Maria Portillo 20k ES Sevi 1 3 0 23-/b2 37-/b0 36-/b0 0+ 38-/w0 39-/b0
51 Carlos Mota 20k ES Sevi 1 2 1 19-/b9 30-/b0 38-/w0 44-/b0 54+/b0 43-/w0
52 Juan-Manuel Torrijos 20k ES Sevi 1 2 0 0- 0- 0- 0- 56+/w0 37-/w0
53 Sara Fernandez 20k ES Sevi 1 2 0 60-/b5 64-/b0 48-/b0 41-/b0 0+ 44-/b0
54 Pedro Martinez 20k ES Sevi 1 1 0 0- 0- 0- 34-/b0 51-/w0 57+/w0
55 Emilio Vazquez 20k ES Sevi 1 1 0 15-/b6 29-/b0 35-/b1 45-/b0 46-/b0 0+
56 Sonsoles Luque 20k ES Sevi 0 0 0 0- 0- 0- 40-/b1 52-/b0 45-/b0
57 Sebastian Rincon 20k ES Sevi 0 0 0 14-/b9 31-/b1 43-/w0 42-/b0 47-/b0 54-/b0
58 Eduardo Rico 9k ES Sevi 3 14 9 37+/w9 23+/w9 2-/b0 16+/w4 7-/w0 0-
59 David Cerrada 20k ES Sevi 2 10 4 43+/w2 11-/b9 34+/w0 13-/b8 25-/w0 0-
60 Alicia Orellana 18k ES Sevi 2 10 3 53+/w5 4-/b6 37+/w2 0- 0- 0-
61 Ismael Aguilar 11k ES Sevi 2 10 2 48+/w9 3-/b7 62+/w7 0- 0- 0-
62 Jose Perez-Fenoy 20k ES Sevi 1 5 2 1-/b9 36+/w1 61-/b7 0- 0- 0-
63 Miguel Pachon 20k ES Sevi 1 5 2 20-/b9 40+/b0 23-/b0 0- 0- 0-
64 Ana Estudillo 20k ES Sevi 1 5 1 4-/b9 53+/w0 17-/b2 0- 0- 0-
65 Francisco Santos 20k ES Sevi 1 4 2 22-/b8 28-/b1 40+/b2 0- 0- 0-
66 Beatriz Barrionuevo 20k ES Sevi 0 0 0 16-/b7 39-/b0 49-/b0 0- 0- 0-



Press Release: More participants, more activities and a lot more fun this year in Seville Go Tournament

2013 CampeonatoSevilla

  • This year a new edition of Seville Go Tournament has taken place in Seville. Of his sixteen editions this has been the one  to  definitely make this Championship grow. We can say that participants have grown in number with a new record, in parallel activities, as this year we enjoyed a spectacular show of Shodo and several competitions and of course in fun for all who attended this event be it actively or as spectators.
  • The first prize went to Orestes Perez from Madrid, a regular player in this tournament who came along with his wife and his months-old daughter as all time supporters, as you can see in the photo below where they are both are at his side while he (dressed in green and white sweatshirt) is en deep thought about his game.



The second prize went to Sabina Rodriguez, a member of the Andalusian Go Association and currently Women's Champion Spain. You can see her in the picture above wearing a light blue scarf.
The third prize stayed also in Andalusia, in Cadiz, where his winner, Alenjandro Guerrero, was born
This edition had players from various countries such as: Romania, Serbia, Italy, Mexico, etc... Some of them, students from the course "Introduction to Japanese Game of Go from the University of Seville (the teachers are members of the AGOA).
Throughout the day there were very thrilling moments as those experienced by Susana Ballesta who is 38 weeks pregnant, who in some moments began to suffer contractions making us believe that we would have to attend a live birth. Fortunately, though he felt uncomfortable at times, endured throughout the Championship and subsequent awards.




An also impressive activity was to see how Miguel Angel Calzadilla, from Japanese Cultural Association WAKEI, delighted the audience with an extraordinary mastery of the brush at the time of the exhibition of Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy).




This activity was engraved in the eyes of the players and in the cameras of Canal Sur Television who came to cover the Seville Go Tournament and this show of Shodo. Canal Sur delivered a summary that Saturday in the evening News (in prime time) reaching hundreds of thousands of Andalusian homes and around the world through Andalucía TV Channel which can be received by satellite and web page Canal Sur
You can see the news broadcast by Canal Sur integrates TV visiting the website of the AGOA ( or the following link to youtube ( = _w3BfIzeyBU)
In awards all participants received several awards, Special  thanks to event sponsors such as: the Diputación of Seville, Canal Sur, the KGS go server, El Corte Ingles, Coca-Cola, Isla Mágica, La Carbonería, the Chinese player Li Yue, Japanese Cultural Association Wakei, game store "Jugamos", ...
As can be seen in the faces of the participants all had a very endearing and funny moments, so that they all have the desire of participating next year as they declared after the tournament.
As a finishing touch and to continue with the liveliest fun most daring stepped on stage to dance Sevillanas and later attended a flamenco show which takes place every day in La Carbonería that is free for all attendees.

You can see more photos and information on the following link 



Enjoy playing PAIR-GO, visit this link for more information



The Andalusian GO Association try the divulgation of GO, a game regarded by the Japanese as one of the arts to cultivate and also teaches how to live.


We are based in La Carbonería, Céspedes Street 21A in the heart of the city of Seville. We meet on Saturdays at 19:30.

In internet we can play in the sala andaluza (nationals rooms) of KGS Go Server.

KGS Go Server

Ranking of Spanish players updated by clicking on the image:


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