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Women´s Spanish Go Championship 2013

2013 femenino

Saturday, 12th january 2013, "La Carbonería" C/Levíes 18 - 41004 SEVILLE

Organization: Andalusian Go Association, “La Carbonería” Go Club.

Collaboration: Asociación Española de Go.


Firsts places.

# Nombre Club
1st Sabina Rodríguez Sevilla
2nd Elena Garrido Sevilla
3rd Susana Ballesta Sevilla




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The Andalusian GO Association try the divulgation of GO, a game regarded by the Japanese as one of the arts to cultivate and also teaches how to live.


We are based in La Carbonería, Céspedes Street 21A in the heart of the city of Seville. We meet on Saturdays at 19:30.

In internet we can play in the sala andaluza (nationals rooms) of KGS Go Server.

KGS Go Server

Ranking of Spanish players updated by clicking on the image: